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Credit Bureau Services for consumers
Improving your credit score is our speciality.
We specialises in improving your credit score by removing bad or negative records from your credit bureau reports at any credit bureau in South Africa, example Transunion, XDS, Experian and XDS, especially paid up, incorrect and unfair listings.

We suggest that all bad listings be removed from your credit bureau reports before you apply for any loan, credit/finance, insurance, employment or promotion that requires trust and honesty and entails the handling of cash or finances in South Africa. This is because your credit bureau report can legally be taken into account for your applications in the aforesaid areas. In addition, your credit bureaux report is used to calculate your credit score. Your credit score is always taken into account when credit or finance application assessment is done by your potential creditors.

To avoid being disappointed it is advisable to avoid applying for insurance, credit/finance or employment for promotion that requires trust and honesty and entails the handling of cash or finances in South Africa until bad or negative listings are removed from your credit bureau report.

What is usually viewed as bad or negative credit bureau report information or listings?

The following (listings) information is also viewed by creditors, insurance and employers as negative or bad credit bureau report information:
Debt review notice, default (written off, handed over, final demand, repossession etcetera), administration order, judgment (example – garnishee order), Maintenance judgments, sequestration order, rehabilitation order, bad payment history (account which is more than 60 months in arrears), trace alert and more than 6 enquiries by credit providers within 12 months and debt recovery accounts.

Our Services

Free Credit bureau reports
We can only accept your money for the removal of the bad listing from your credit bureau reports or to resolve your situation if there is reasonable prospect of success. Therefore we need to look at your credit bureau report, ask you relevant questions and obtain relevant answers from you before supplying you with a quotation. We can supply you with free 4 credit bureau reports from four main credit bureaux – Transunion, XDS, Compuscan and Experian as soon as you started the listing removal process

Credit bureau listing removal
The following are type of listings we can assist you to remove from your credit bureau reports

1, Details and results of complaints lodged by consumers
2. Enquiries
3. Payment history or Profile
4. Adverse classifications of enforcement action
5. Adverse classifications of consumer behaviour
6. Debt Restructuring and debt review notice or flag
7. Civil court judgments
8. Maintenance judgments in terms of the Maintenance Act 99 of 1998
9. Sequestration order
10. Rehabilitation order
11. Administration Order

Possible consequences of negative or bad listings on your credit bureau report known as being “black listed”
1. Negative credit score
2. Most creditors view you as a high risk consumer or business
3. Declined credit or finance application
4. Declined insurance application
5. Unsuccessful job application
6. Loss of promotion opportunities
7. Paying high interest rates for finance or loans
8. Given less money or loan than you applied for

Benefits of removed negative or bad listings from your credit bureau report:
1. Credit score
2. Chances of approved insurance application
3. Employment opportunities
4. Chances for approved loans or finance application
5. Opportunity of qualifying for low interest rates for finance or loans

What is required for us to start the process is R800,00. Our consultation fee is R800, 00. This fee is for:
 Opening a file
 Assessment of the aforesaid credit bureau report
 Viewing of supporting documents if any
 Asking of relevant questions to confirm the accuracy of the information on your credit bureau report
 Guidance on how to improve your credit score and identify bad listing/s from your credit bureau reports
 Issuing of quotation to remove incomplete, incorrect and unfair listings from your credit bureau reports if appropriate and recommendation

We will supply you with your latest free four credit bureau reports – from ITC (Transunion), Experian, Xds and Compuscan. These credit bureaux are mostly used by credit providers to assess your creditworthiness including insurance companies and employers.

How bad listing is removed from your credit bureau reports
We log disputes with either the credit bureau or the party who listed the information on your credit bureau report on your behalf. As soon as the matter is resolved in your favour the listing will be removed from your credit report

Credit and debt coaching
We offer guidance on how to solve your credit or debt related problem

Legal services
– Stop repossession
– Legal advice for consumers and litigation on your behalf

Who can contact us for assistance?
Any person who:
 had declined insurance, job, credit or finance based on bad or negative credit bureau report information
 want to improve their credit score
 is blacklisted and want to clear negative listings from their credit bureaux report
 is under debt review and want debt review listing to be removed from their credit bureau report
 is over-indebted and need reliable debt counsellor
 feels that he is listed incorrectly or unfairly at any credit bureau in South Africa
 has credit or debt related issues and need assistance or need legal advice or services
 is about to lose his or her property by means of repossession
 has bad or negative listings due to the impact of COVID–19 pandemic

Panel of experts
We have a panel of experts including accredited mediators, arbitrators, practising attorneys and legal advisers to assist you.

Contact details

ADMIN 011 039 2872 or CEO 011 050 5218

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