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Credit Information Academy SA PTY LTD is a vibrant business with a qualified team led by Cynthia Matshiakgotshi.

Cynthia is a Debt and credit Expert for Fin24, an accredited trainer, Mediator and Arbitrator.

She worked for Minolta South Africa (Head Office) for 13 years, in debtors and finance department, where she made significant contribution to credit and debt collection policy making and effectively instructing panel of attorneys in debt collection matters. She was also promoted 5 times (Clark, Debt collector, Credit controller, Senior Credit controller, Credit Supervisor then National Legal Supervisor) and was admitted as a member of (MOBS) Academy. In addition, she worked for PG Group, credit department as legal administrator (responsible for legal accounts by instructing panel of attorneys collecting outstanding debt on behalf of the company) for 10 months. She was nominated a Finalist for the Credit professional (Non- Executive) awards by the Institute of Credit Management (South Africa). The following was the selection criteria, someone who makes operational decision, more than 5 year experience in credit and proven track-record of credit related achievements.

Credit Ombud Office

Furthermore, she was an employee of the Credit Ombud Office in Credit Information department, for 7 years, where she was promoted two times (Junior Case Manager to Senior Case Manager then Head of Department). This department dealt purely with consumers and business credit bureau related disputes. Her responsibilities included:
 Issuing written justified recommendations to credit providers and credit bureaux including TPN, Transunion, XDS, Compuscan and Experian to remove negative information from consumer’s credit bureau reports after investigating the matter. These removal recommendations only applied to consumers whereby there was credible evidence to support the fact that they were listed at the credit bureaux incorrectly or unfairly.

 Consumer education (credit, debt management and credit bureau related matters
 Credit bureau staff quarterly training
 Credit Ombud Office dispute resolution policy making and implementation.
 She was meetings with credit industry regulators including the DTI, FSB, NCR and CBA representing the Credit Ombud Office to discuss credit bureaux dispute resolution and related matters.
She left Credit Ombud Office in 2014. In 2015 she formed Credit Information Academy SA to share all her hard earned 20 years knowledge and hands–on experience in debt collection, credit assessment and credit bureau related matters with the public.
She is currently the CEO of CIASA specialising in credit coaching, removal of incomplete, incorrect and unfair credit bureaux listings and alternative dispute resolution solutions. CIASA has a panel of experts including, credit coaches, advocates, practicing attorneys, legal advisers, accredited mediators and arbitrators, university lectures and researchers. Additional services include legal services, conveyance, labour law solutions, credit and debt management solutions.


Credit Ombud Office
“We have had to say goodbye to Cynthia, Matshiakgotshi as a result of the changes. The hard work and dedication she gave during her time at the Credit Ombud’s office is much appreciated and we wish her well in her future endeavours.”


Note of appreciation from Cynthia Matshiakgotshi

Note of appreciation to CIASA Team

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To be the preferred Alternative Dispute Resolution service provider by providing leadership, quality service, giving value to our clients and assisting them to reach their goals.



To build strategic long term sustainable relationship with our clients and regulators by providing quality services at competitive prices and offering the best value proposition to our clients.



  • Integrity
  • Impartiality and independence
  • Fairness
  • Professionalism
  • Passion
  • Empowerment



To support and promote understanding of ADR among organizations ADR clients (internal and external)

To empower our clients with ADR, credit and credit information solutions

To provide necessary organization –specific information to those who use ADR methods

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