ADR Courses

ADR Awareness

Learning objectives

The purpose of this course is to ensure delegates have a full understanding of ADR, its principles, importance, implementation and management.


ADR system design  

Learning objectives include

To guide dispute system designers in factors to be taken in account in programme design and implementation.


ADR Methods and Skills (introduction or intermediate)


Learning objectives include

To provide the person attending the workshop with knowledge and skill in use of ADR methods that will promote effective application of an ADR program and enable users to select from available ADR methods.


ADR Skills Training (Advanced, In-depth Skills development) ADR neutrals or agents



Objectives include

To provide skills and knowledge needed by ADR neutrals and all other delegates to perform their roles and functions effectively using an ADR procedure such as mediation, negotiation, or arbitration



Our goal with these courses is to arm you with the tips, strategies and knowledge to help you deal with some of the challenges you will encounter in ADR


  • Formulation of effective alternative dispute resolution or complaint policy and procedures
  • Tips for minimizing disputes
  • Strategies for strengthening stakeholder relationship and recruiting new members
  • Strategies for prevention of disputes escalation to regulators or courts
  • Backlog prevention and management


  • How to improve public negative perception of credit information sharing
  • Data sharing and quality
  • Importance of credit information sharing
  • Benefits of credit reports
  • Consequences of incorrect credit information